Resolve, resilience, reflection

reflectionWhat can I learn from 2017 and what are my personal and teaching resolutions for 2018?

2017 has been a hard year. Continuing to battle for my son’s dyslexic needs has led to frustration and disappointment. The more knowledgeable and highly trained I have become, the more defensive the school has become.

  • Reflection 

Look for light, within and without.

Reflection, of course, has two meanings: The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it and serious thought or consideration.

  1. Continue to reflect on my teaching practice and to strive to have more balance and distance between my emotional and professional responses.
  2. Spend more time outdoors, in meditation and yoga.
  • Resilience

Be resilient but know when a battle is already lost or not worth fighting.

Continue to be resilient but also to be more cautious, part of this is about managing emotional responses and assessing personal risk; both risk to self and how that impacts on my family.

  • Resolve

Can I say ‘no’?

Learn to firmly say ‘no’. At a writing workshop last year, one of the women suggested visualising a big FULL STOP. Yes, that feels like it could work! Create more boundaries between personal and professional life.

Having been a lifelong pleaser, it is hard to say ‘no’. This is my 50th year, the year I learn to say ‘no’ politely and firmly!

Having to battle for the needs of my dyslexic son seems to have awakened my inner tiger. A number of times last year, I was accused of being ‘aggressive’. Yes, I can be fierce, how can I channel this energy or power, this force.

  • Perhaps there was a point where I should have said ‘no’ much sooner.



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