Month: January 2019

Where do we go from here? dyslexia

On the 31/1/19 there will be a discussion about dyslexia at the IoE involving some eminent people in the field: ‘Dyslexia diagnosis, scientific understandings and belief in a flat earth.’ This follows a statement last year from Warwickshire and Staffordshire County Council that a… Continue Reading “Where do we go from here? dyslexia”

Analysing spellings: metacognition

  Whilst there are many creative approaches to teaching, spelling has not benefited from this in the past. How has spelling been taught historically in your school? Typically, spelling is not taught at all but delivered as lists, sent home to ‘look, cover, write… Continue Reading “Analysing spellings: metacognition”

Assess to progress

  Assessment creates a lot of debate, with strong opposition to the testing of Reception children and one headline declaring: ‘Testing has become like crack cocaine to the government’. Is there a difference between an assessment and a test? The word ‘assess’ turned up in… Continue Reading “Assess to progress”

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