Month: March 2019

SEND for your mother

  It seems the world of SEND is full of embattled women’s voices. Whenever I attend a dyslexia CPD event or conference, I am struck by the high numbers of mothers I encounter who became dyslexia professionals to help their own children and in… Continue Reading “SEND for your mother”

Dyslexia background: part two

  For Part One see here: Part OneAre Theories of causation tell us much about how to assess dyslexic students. There are three main schools of thought, yet the theories can sit side by side as in the Kelly and Phillips Integrated Causal Model… Continue Reading “Dyslexia background: part two”

Dyslexia: background part one

  In today’s classrooms, children have to ‘read to learn’. Children who cannot read are ‘effectively disenfranchised’ (Department for Education, 2013:13). In the span of civilisation, however, mass literacy is a relatively recent phenomenon. Written communication began with a picture or sign to represent… Continue Reading “Dyslexia: background part one”

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