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Where do we go from here? dyslexia

On the 31/1/19 there will be a discussion about dyslexia at the IoE involving some eminent people in the field: ‘Dyslexia diagnosis, scientific understandings and belief in a flat earth.’ This follows a statement last year from Warwickshire and Staffordshire County Council that a… Continue Reading “Where do we go from here? dyslexia”

To IEP or not to IEP. Why is that in question?

IEP stands for Individualised Education Plan. Does your school use IEP’s? Is there a whole school understanding of their purpose and a rigour around setting and achieving targets? How do teachers feel/think about them? That they are a paperwork exercise and take up too… Continue Reading “To IEP or not to IEP. Why is that in question?”

Dyslexia: Finding the elephant in the classroom.

How can teachers be better supported in identifying dyslexia in the classroom? Read on for less obvious clues…

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