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Guided Spelling: spelling between the desks.

  Guided spelling or ‘Spelling between the desks’, is a new concept of mine! Informed in part by mine and others’ approaches to maths. We are essentially trying to get inside the mind of the student to help to guide and explore their own… Continue Reading “Guided Spelling: spelling between the desks.”

Analysing spellings: metacognition

  Whilst there are many creative approaches to teaching, spelling has not benefited from this in the past. How has spelling been taught historically in your school? Typically, spelling is not taught at all but delivered as lists, sent home to ‘look, cover, write… Continue Reading “Analysing spellings: metacognition”

Fantastic Contractions and how to find them!

Using a strip to fold away the vowel in a contraction – I had to shorten this. Hope it makes sense!! #contractions #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek #21stCenturyDyslexia — 📚💭✍️ (@thinkpix_suze) October 5, 2018 Arrrrrrgh what’s a contraction??????? Question: how can I give a concrete meaning to… Continue Reading “Fantastic Contractions and how to find them!”

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