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Why yoga for children?

The word yoga means ‘to unite’, what are we aiming to ‘unite’? The practice of yoga unites the mind with the body through the breath. After yoga practice, one is typically left feeling calm and balanced in mind and body. Attention to the breath… Continue Reading “Why yoga for children?”

Jump for joy

Movement is so important for health and well being. Skipping might just be the most powerful mood enhancer there is – have you tried it lately? In pressured, time-poor classrooms, where children are required to sit (nicely) and write endlessly, what impact is this… Continue Reading “Jump for joy”

To IEP or not to IEP. Why is that in question?

IEP stands for Individualised Education Plan. Does your school use IEP’s? Is there a whole school understanding of their purpose and a rigour around setting and achieving targets? How do teachers feel/think about them? That they are a paperwork exercise and take up too… Continue Reading “To IEP or not to IEP. Why is that in question?”

Fantastic Contractions and how to find them!

Using a strip to fold away the vowel in a contraction – I had to shorten this. Hope it makes sense!! #contractions #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek #21stCenturyDyslexia — 📚💭✍️ (@thinkpix_suze) October 5, 2018 Arrrrrrgh what’s a contraction??????? Question: how can I give a concrete meaning to… Continue Reading “Fantastic Contractions and how to find them!”

Dyslexia; mental health matters!

Dyslexia impacts on the mental health of a child and its carers. The wellbeing of the dyslexic and their family is in the hands of the school, other educational setting, or work. Wield your power mindfully and with compassion. I returned to education a… Continue Reading “Dyslexia; mental health matters!”

Dyslexia: start a discussion

  The first academic paper on dyslexia was published in 1896 in the British Medical Journal by William Pringle Morgan. Dyslexia was ‘discovered’ by psychologists, who, when presented with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, found that despite average or above IQ’s, they had… Continue Reading “Dyslexia: start a discussion”

Is reading like riding a bike?

  I’ve been following the ongoing phonics debate in Australia with interest. Many parents are calling for the introduction of the Phonics Screening Check (PSC) and state Education Ministers are opposing it. Is phonics a panacea? Introduced in 2012, can we categorically say the… Continue Reading “Is reading like riding a bike?”


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